225 Drops of Lavender

Quick and Easy Home and Skin Care Recipes Reveal Exactly How 225 Drops (one 15 ml bottle) Of Lavender Essential Oil Combined With Other Natural Household Ingredients Can Save You Money, Time, And Create Toxins Free Environment For Healthier Living (most take 2 minutes to make). Yours Free From Certified Aromatherapist
Irina Gubenko

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Secrets of Professional Aromatherapist To Living A Healthier Life For Less

Simple recipes you can do at home with only one 15 ml bottle of Lavender essential oil and ingredients you probably already have... 

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I am so glad to share with you this unique guide to fragrant and healthy living that I have co-created based with my clients, readers, and friends.

A little bit about me.

Intuitively, I was always drawn to aromatherapy massages. However, I did not embrace my calling right away. I became a teacher (which I still am) and in my search for effective and natural stress management modalities, I stmbled upon essential oils. As I began diffusing oils in my home, my curiousity grew and my journey as an aromatherapist began.

Today, I am a certified aromatherapist and wellness consultant with my prcactice based in NYC. I coach and teach individulas as well as spa/welness professionals how to integarte essential oils into everyday life to benefit from greater joy, health, harmony and vitality.

I am also a blogger and a contributor to Marie Claire's health and fitness column 7 Super Fast Ways To De-Stress At Work.